OK, we mean it this time

OK, we know, we've had our favourites before. The brightly-coloured case that's also a battery booster. The etch-a-sketch. The awesome ping-pong case.

But while there are lots of cases out there that are fun, and a few that might even be useful, we've never seen one that struck us as an essential investment. Until now. The Lifeproof iPhone case might just be the best thing ever (and let us stress, they ain't paying us to say so).

Essentially it's an iPhone case, available for all current models, which makes your iPhone waterproof, dust-proof and all-round protected. And we don't mean just splashproof either - as this fun video shows, you can really dunk that thing and it keeps on working - meaning your iPhone suddenly doubles as a posh underwater video camera!

Now, as Gizmodo point out, this isn't the first waterproof iPhone case. Quite a few have a 'mil-spec' certification, which is apparently nerd-speak for 'won't let in water or sand.' But the lifeproof is the first that looks like it won't make your iPhone double the weight and size. It adds just a couple of millimeters of thickness. You still might not necessarily want to keep it on all the time, but given that we get in a panic every time we send a text message on our iPhone in the rain, you might find yourself relying on it on a regular basis. And best of all, it's comparatively cheap - $70, about $43, plus a bit o'P&P.

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