OK, now we're really excited

We’ve been backing Red Dead Redemption’s rise to eventual world domination ever since we saw the first trailer way back when – and it seems that it really is going to be the wonderful game we have been hoping for since day one. We’ve seen two reviews that have heaped praise on Rockstar’s latest effort, one from Game Informer, which gave a score of 9.75/10, and the latest, from Games TM, which has given a similarly high score of 9/10.

‘While Rockstar San Diego may find some difficulty in filling its open expanses with interesting and emergent play,’ said the mag, ‘it does imbue it with a stark beauty and compelling narrative that makes Redemption more than just an allusion to cinema, but a piece of work that can confidently stand next to it.’ High praise indeed. On top of that we’ve seen a rather exciting in-depth look at the title from GameTrailers TV, part of which you can see below, which is chock-full of gameplay footage and chat from important Rockstar bods.

‘I've read the comments that this is just GTA with horses,’ said the said Rockstar bods on the show. ‘What it is actually is kind of our vision of what the West was. We're setting the ultimate open world game in kind of a rural environment - something that hasn't really been done before, not at the level we're taking it to.’ This game is going to be a must buy, isn’t it?

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