Oh, Halo there

Last week we reported that there were naughty tinkers who had pinched Halo Reach off the internet, with potentially irritating consequences for developer Bungie and publisher Microsoft, who will still both make a huge sack of money from the sale of the game (early leakage might even be a handy PR opportunity, if anything, especially if it’s any good). It has even caused some retailers to apparently start selling the game early.

Well seeing as you’re all good boys and girls who wouldn’t do anything as sneaky as illegally get your hands on someone else’s intellectual property, we’re going to help you out with some excellent pre-launch coverage from Gametrailers TV, which gives us a more in-depth look at the campaign (with hints that you might meet and help the Master Chief from the original game) and the ace looking multiplayer. For us the most impressive thing was the scope for customising the game world and you player, meaning that even though this will be the last Halo game, you should have some serious replay value.

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