Oh for god's sake

Now, look. We're not luddites, here at DigitalEdge. We love technology, we enjoy watching the forward march of human progress. We don't long for the days when we had to wash our clothes by hand and were supposedly all much happier as a result. Technological progress is, by and large, a good thing.

But really, there must be limits. Can anyone think of any good use for a 75-inch TV?

Because that's what Samsung have just unveiled. Now, look, we love Samsung: they make great phones and some pretty nifty PCs. They made the laptop we're typing this on, and the TV in our living room. But really, this feels all dystopian and wrong. Nobody wants this in their living room. A pub? Well, OK, but you know the problem with TVs in pubs - once fitted, they're on all the time. We'd much prefer a projector and screen that can be rolled up and forgotten when the big match finishes.

Our suspicion is that in practice, this'll be used primarily for advertising - bloody great screens blaring shiny images of unrealistically beautiful people at us wherever we go. Given that it's likely to cost upwards of £20,000, that'll probably be the only economic use, at least at first. But can we all just agree that when we get to 100 inches we'll stop?

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