Oh Canada!

Well, they say what happens in Canada today happens in the UK next year. Oh, OK, they don't at all, I just made that up. But Canada just made a decision - a bad one - that looks an awful lot like the future for the UK, the US, and everywhere.

You see, Canada's Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, their equivalent of OFCOM, have just decided it's OK for Canada's broadband providers to charge per-gigabyte for broadband internet. That's right, not mobile broadband, but home, cabled, under-the-ground broadband. The CRTC is suggesting monthly fees should only buy you 25GB of broadband, and usage after that should cost nearly 2 Canadian dollars per gigabyte. That'd mean watching a live-streaming film over the internet would use up a big chunk of your monthly allowance.

The good news is, Canada's parliament is likely to overturn the ruling. But still, as internet usage increases, it's likely these kinds of limits will become unavoidable everywhere. So enjoy YouTube while you can, or start saving...

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