Oh, bloody marvellous.

Oh, for heaven's sake. We know that tech companies find it a bit hard to keep up with the exploits of the hacker community. But this is ridiculous, not to mention deeply worrying.

A team of security resarchers have found a way to hack a mobile communications technology called GSM. You might have heard of GSM - it's the network that runs almost all mobile phone calls and texts worldwide.

Yes, your phone is vulnerable to this attack. It doesn't seem to matter what phone, or what network - the vulnerability is in the GSM network itself. Woop-de-bloomin'doo.

Nor is Karsten Nohl and Sylvain Munaut's hack that hard to do. The key is specially-adapted Motorola phones, whose firmware - software - has been replaced by an open-source version with less restrictions than normal software on how much information on the mobile network the phone can 'see.' Add in a suite of codes to crack the encryption on the network and - boom, as Steve Jobs might say - you're eavesdropping happily on other people's phone calls. 'Any GSM call is fair game,' Nohl helpfully said.

No word yet from the GSM Association, which manages the network, on the severity of the threat or what, if anything, can be done. For now, we wouldn't hold off using our phones or anything - this vulnerability has existed for years, after all. We'll let you know when - if - GSM gets the all-clear.

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