OGame cheats, hints and tips: free moonshots and more

If you're hooked on the space-themed multi-player online game but you need a little help, we've got some handy hints, tips and cheats that will help you progress. OGame cheats and tips will help you progress, but if you're really stuck you can also download one of several hack programs that will give you a multitude of extra resources.


If you know about scripting, you can write a script to read the contents of the game and then perform actions based on the text read. Why not write a script that makes a sound play when a hostile fleet is incoming? If you like the sound of that but need some help writing scripts, check out technet.microsoft.com where you’ll find a guide to the basics.

Account sharing

If you’re going to be away, you can get a friend to fill in for you using remote desktop. As Windows has remote desktop inbuilt, anyone can do this to help them make progress on OGame. You could also use a third-party application that does the same job but a little better, so they’re worth investigating too.


Creating an account to provide free moonshots and cheap deut for your friends is very common among OGame players. If you use proxy servers, you can create accounts to feed your main account. This will take time, effort and commitment but it’ll be worth it.

OGame cheats programs

The net's full of OGame hack programs that will help multiple aspects of your game and offer things like unlimited metal, unlimited crystal and limitless dark matter and they're easy to download. We're not going to recommend any particular one because they're untested. Do some research before downloading one.

Final word

There are many more OGame cheats available online. In fact, far too many for the limited space we have here. This is a game that’s been around since 1999 so the gaming community have had more than enough time to work out ways around the popular multiplayer online browser game.

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