OFFICIAL: Rupert Murdoch gets the internet

There was a time when Rupert Murdoch was widely seen as not interested in the internet. Then he bought MySpace, and then there was a time when he was widely seen as being interested in the internet, but not remotely understanding it.

Then he pioneered the art of charging for journalism, though it's hard to know how well The Times' paywall experiment is going. Now, Rupert is reportedly going to set another internet journalism first, with the first mainstream news publication designed especially for the iPad.

So what can we look forward to on this as-yet-unnamed service? In-depth political analysis? Ground-breaking investigation? Er, not exactly. According to the LA Times, the site will feature 'short, snappy stories that could be digested quickly'. That'll be lots of snaps of Jordan on holiday then (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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