Office, meet Cloud

There was a time when software companies liked their stuff to work together. Email, HTML, and other standards made the internet work, and desktop software was designed to open files made with other companies' software.

Then somewhere along the line, things started closing down: whether it's Google and Facebook fighting over access to user data, or Apple restricting access to its App Store, everywhere things are getting 'walled,' as geeks say. So it's nice when rivals reach out to one another.

As is the case with Google Cloud Connect. If you use Google Docs, you'll know it's a nifty, free alternative to Microsoft Office when you're out and about, but that you'd rather use the real thing when at home. After spending a few years trying to convince us to use Docs all the time, Google seems to have finally accepted Office isn't going away. So Cloud Connect makes it easier to use the two together.

An Office plug-in, it makes it easy to open your Google Docs in Office and save Office docs to Google Docs. Simples! It's not freely available to get yet, but we'll keep you posted on its progress to your PC.

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