Of Twitter, WebTwitter and the Twitterati blog

WebTwitcher is now officially WebTwittering, so if you have a Twitter account add the latest from your online spy (with a few random meanderings thrown in for good measure) to the growing list of friends you follow. You can even add the RSS feed to your MIX page if you so wish.

More Twitter news: the guys at Shiny Media have just launched another fantastic blog. This time catering to all those who can't get enough of Twitter, Twitterati (great name).

WebTwitcher particularly likes the Silliness section of the site, which has kicked off with the great news that Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker are all on Twitter. They are also definitely right about Yoda having the most Twitter comedy potential!

Click the Excite MIX button you'll find on Twitterati to put the feed on your MIX page straight away, or alternatively get it below.


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