Of tube strikes and underground bloggers

All over this morning's papers is talk about London's tube strike, which last night caused over two thirds of the underground network to grind to an almighty halt. A quick scout on the blogosphere confirms that many train stations around the capital have tumbleweeds blowing down the empty platforms.

If you want to keep up with London Underground gossip, take a look at Annie Mole's excellent blog, Going Underground. There are also a few Facebook groups popping up on the subject of the tube strikes, so if you're loitering with intent on a London street , take a look if you find yourself with time on your hands.

Perhaps it would make more sense at this point to commute to Paris instead. At least it's now only a 2 hour 15 minute trip. WebTwitcher thinks today's launch of the new uber fast train line couldn't have fallen on a more appropriate day...

Called High Speed 1 (what imagination!), the train will race along at 186mph (50% faster than the UK's current overland trains) and, although today's run is for the media elite alone, it will be opening to the public on November 14th.

To end on a more positive note and cheer all those sad faces, take a look at the BBC's collection of some of the best ever excuses for train delays. WebTwitcher's favourite has to be: "During an extremely hot rush hour on the Central Line, the driver announced in a West Indian drawl: "step right this way for the sauna, ladies and gentleman... unfortunately towels are not provided".

Can't beat a comedy driver.

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