Of the Facebook-Twitter love-in and ginger cats

Clocking on t'interweb this morning WebTwitcher was surprised to see a new FaceBook link in her Twitter account.

If you're using the fast growing social network (growing apparently among UK users in particular), check out the new Twitter feature. If you're a stats addict, Facebook's recent numbers according to Trendcatching are:

It's growing 3% per week, which is 100,000 new users per day (up from 7.5m users in July 2007), projected to reach 50m by end of 2007. The fastest growing demographic is the 25 and over age group. 1% of all time spent on the internet is spent on Facebook.

Returning to the topic of Twitter, the ginger cat that appears to have been doing more than it's fair share of tweeking recently and has upgraded the service with a new "Replies" function. It allows you to see who's "Tweeting" at you (in Twitter language @yourname is used to indicate the intended recipient), even if they're not on your friends list.

Which eliminates inevitable embarrassment when you meet a fellow Tweeter who says "hey, you didn't answer my comment to you on Twitter..." which is marketing speak for "you haven't added me as a friend you heathen."

You know you're turning into a geek when you hear yourself saying to non geek friends: "I'm Tweeting from Facebook today because the IM function's down and I refuse to sign up for the mobile service until my N95 comes through..."

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