Of Russell Brand, his sock, Lord Byron and Radio 2

He's a self confessed womaniser who enhances his nether regions with a rolled up sock (don't they all?). Sacked from MTV for dressing up as Osama Bin Laden the day after September 11, he's been romantically linked with the creme de la creme of British ladies, including Kate Moss and a seemingly endless string of reality TV show wannabes.

Now Russell Brand has landed an evening show on Radio 2, starting Saturday November 18th at 9pm. This is the same station that Terry Wogan presents on. Terry Wogan; Russell Brand...hmmmm...It certainly promises to provide Radio 2 listeners with a different, let's say, style after a few red wines around the dinner table.

WebTwitcher wonders what the bookies odds are on Russell for UK Womaniser of the Year, in comparison to our other loveable love rogue, Colin Farrell. In fact, if you squint your eyes, they even look a bit alike. Maybe they are one and the same, or both related in some way to Lord Byron, another of our famous philanderers (look him up if you want to know where the comparison comes from).

Anyway, check out Russell's MySpace page for his latest news and views, or if you just want to wish him the best for his new gig. There is also a Russell-flavoured RSS feed you can add to your MIX page, available below, from BBC 6 Music.


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