Of Glastonbury, BarCamp London and FOWA tickets

So, the long wait is over and registration for this year's Glastonbury Festival is open...although you'll have to wait till 1st April to get in the scrum for tickets. If you do register, you've got to upload a photo too. Apparently it's to stop ticket touts. WebTwitcher thinks it's more like a sneaky attempt by Micheal Eavis to increase eye candy on the muddy campsite.

WebTwitcher also reckons that getting tickets for this year's festival is going to be a cynch compared with getting tickets for the UK's exclusive geek events this month. Anyone would think that U2 was headlining at BarCamp London and Kylie was doing a keynote at Future of Web Apps, the way tickets flew off the shelves this year.

Maybe the organisers could replicate the Glastonbury system: "Postal application forms can be picked up from any branch of Millets". There's got to be a web 2.0 start up in there somewhere...anyone...Bueller...?

Editor's Note: For our US readers, Millets is a UK store that stocks a host of handy outdoors equipment, such as tents, sleeping bags, freeze dried food and thermal underwear. Everything the discerning event attendee would need for a successful Geek Conference.


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