Of David Cameron and his Facebook antics

David Cameron knows how to work a crowd. Oh yes. Pacing up and down the stage at his recent conference, sans script, the leader of the opposition is becoming something of a Facebook Fiend. A while back, WebTwitcher was writing merrily of Dave's Facebook account and now the man is citing the groups popping up about him. His favourite (mentioned at the Tory party conference)? David Cameron Is A Hottie (but of course)

He did however fail to point out some of the groups dedicated to him with rather more members. At the time of writing there are indeed no less than 274 Davebook Groups. No surprises he kept the "Stop David Cameron...his lies make baby Jesus cry" group, which has a stonking 1,500 members. Or the "Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron" group, which is knocking over 1,600.

Although, look on the bright side Dave, the "David Cameron for Prime Minister" group is fast reaching 500, as is the Hottie group. Next stop X Factor?

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