Of beards and beard growth on the web

A slightly odd topic for a Thursday afternoon WebTwitcher, you may well be thinking.

It may be an odd Thursday topic, but it's certainly come to my attention that the bearded community is extremely well serviced online. There are beard blogs, beard organisations and beard networks galore, all jostling for space on the interweb. My favourite so far is All About Beards, which includes hints and tips on beard styles, beard questions and handy beard grooming advice. There is a beard blog you can even add to your MIX page.

If you've never seen the US Beard Team, take a look at their profiles on The World Beard Championships, which beard fans will be shocked then excited to discover are being held in Brighton next year. Hoorah!

A somewhat disturbing discovery is Babies with Beards. Not sure what that's all about, but please send your photos in if you have one...

The Beard Community is definitely worth a visit, and they also have an RSS feed you can put on your personalised homepage if you so wish. WebTwitcher was momentarily concerned to read on 5tracks blog that beards had been banned on the BBC following an episode on Celebrity Scissorhands. But turns out face fluff is still allowed.


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