Ocarina of Time goes 3D

It appears that Nintendo are going for a tried and trusted approach to their games line-up for the Nintendo 3DS: we’ve already seen the two Mario titles that they’re using to push the device, but at least they’re new titles. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time however, is over a decade old, so we can’t see why Ninty would re-release it again – surely anyone who wants to buy it will have played it already, on any number of platforms?

From what we can see from the video below – another taken from the Nintendo World event in Japan – we can’t see any major improvements graphically, and nor can we see how a conversion to 3D is going to make the game any more of a draw. We don’t like to see a company like Nintendo resting on past glories, no matter how glorious they happen to be. It's been given a 'Spring' release date, but a brand new Zelda game for the device would be far more welcome.

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