Obama is tops online

Not content with giving her a hiding in the real world, Barack Obama is also opening up a can of whoop ass on Hilary via the modern interwebnet.

For the first time in the history of the human brain, Americans overseas have been able to cast their votes online. The Obamameister picked up 65.6% of the Yankee Doodle expat vote, while Hilary only managed a paltry 32.7. She was beaten into third place by Shooby Taylor the human horn. Well not really. She came second.

Votes were cast from places as far away as Antarctica and Ballyhaunis. One happy voter speaking after casting his vote in Glasgow stated that "the online Democrats Abroad Global Primary expanded the frontier of voting opportunities, and it works easily, even from the harshest continent on Earth." Ok, he was actually speaking from Antarctica.

After all the electronic ballots were spilt out onto a big virtual table in an online parish hall and totted up, Obama was given 2.5 delegate votes for the Democratic National Convention in August, while Clinton will be given two. Whatever the hell that means.

Check out Barack and Hilary kissing babies and shaking sweatie hands here.

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