Obama fans use web to recycle

Here's a dilemma. You want to hoot and holler for Offaly's own Barack Obama, but you just can't get your greasy mitts on any of his merch.

The Obamameister is so popular right now now that his online shop, the imaginatively named Barack Obama store, has sold out of flag waving materials. But as they say in America, when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. 

Crafty interweb boffins for Obama have come up with the answer: the ObamaCycle. It's a Craigslist for Obama Campaigners. Here supporters of Barack Obama can exchange and recycle campaign paraphernalia via the modern interwebnet.

One delighted supporter received 50 t-shirts in the post and plans to continue wearing them simultaneously until Barack is playing golf on the White House lawn.

Illustrating the importance of Barack paraphernalia and the policy led nature of American presidential campaigns the delighted voter added "If you just go with a jacket on and yell 'Obama,' you just don't have as much of a presence, I think it can be a knife in the back of a campaign not to have signs... I think they can really show momentum, and they work well on TV and in pictures." Ah yes.

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