O2 runs out of pre-order iPhones ahead July 11 launch

Apple’s UK mobile phone partner, O2, has run out of pre-order stock of the new 3G version of the iPhone which goes on sale on July 11.

The iPhone 3G was available for pre-order this morning but the O2 site crashed due to the volume of web traffic.

According to The Guardian, many rival mobile phone companies are speculating that O2 limited the pre-sale supply of the iPhone 3G to increase the hype surrounding its imminent release.

But O2 have stated that they made half of their new iPhone stock available to pre-order customers. It is still not clear how many phones will be available for purchase on Friday.

The new iPhone 3G is available free of charge for anyone who signs an 18 month deal with O2. The 8GB version costs £45-per-month while the 16GB version will set you back £75-per-month.

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