O2 don't want to Play(book)

Uh-oh: this looks like more bad news for BlackBerry makers Research in Motion. We already told you that their new tablet, the Playbook, has shipped a mildly-disappointing 500,000 units since its launch in the Spring, and that the company is planning redundancies after seeing its revenues contract 10%. We like the Playbook, and we'd like to see it do well, but the signs aren't good.

In the latest humiliation for RIM, O2 have said they're not going to sell the 3G version of the tablet in the UK. They had previously planned to stock it, and allowed customers to sign up for emails telling them when it would be available. But they just emailed those customers this week, telling them the decision had been made not to offer the Playbook, saying, 'unfortunately there are some issues with the end to end customer experience.'

We're not quite sure what that could refer to, though there are a few possibilities - the lack of a good range of apps for the tablet, for one. But our guess is it refers to RIM's controversial decision to build the Playbook so you can only access mail, contacts and calendars on it if you tether it wirelessly to a BlackBerry. Our guess is O2 expected a lot of calls from annoyed iPhone users wondering why their new tablet couldn't check their email.

RIM have said they're fixing that weird setup, so it sounds like we may see the Playbook on their network eventually, and it's still due to come to the UK with other operators - or you could just get the Wi-Fi version and tether it to your phone.

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