OK - something's definitely going on. It seems everyone's redesigning their consoles this week! First Microsoft announced it was moving to an all-matte finish for all Xbox 360s. Then Sony announced it was redesigning the PSP for the umpteenth time, releasing a new cheaper version just for Europe. And now it's Nintendo's turn.

It's the Wii, its ultra-successful five-year-old home console, that's for the revamp, it seems. Nintendo have announced they're releasing a new, slimmer, cheaper version of the Wii this Christmas. No, it's not the much-awaited Wii U, the proper sequel to the Wii that comes out next year. Rather, this is Nintendo's way of squeezing the last bit of life out of the original Wii by cramming it into a smaller package - and probably a cheaper one to make at that.

We like the look of the new design- it's meant to be used horizontally, and we've never been fans of the weird 'stood up on its side and tilted up a bit' design of the original. But there is a downside - unlike the original, this Wii won't be compatible with Gamecube games. Nor will it have ports for Gamecube controllers, so if you want to play Virtual Console games, you'll need a Classic Controller.

We're hoping the new Wii Family Pack, with the redesigned console, a controller, and two games - the venerable WiiSports and WiiParty - will be £99 when it hits in December, but £125 may be more realistic. Interestingly, like the new PSP, this new Wii is expected to be Europe-only.

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