Number 10 iPhone app

With a General Election quite literally days away (not sure how many, the 3rd of May is the rumour) big hitters are doing all they can to swing a couple a key votes their way. Whilst the Conservatives broke the news yesterday that their leader David Cameron’s widf Sam is expecting a new baby (er, that wasn’t planned, was it?) Labour hotdog Gordon Brown has decided to get down wit da kids by launching an iPhone app.

The imaginatively titled ‘The Number 10’ app was announced today as part of the government’s MyGov online strategy and has gone live with immediate affect. At first glance you’d think it was just a snazzy way to get RSS feeds from the Labour party but on closer inspection you realise it is just snazzy way to get RRS feeds from the Labour Party - apart from a couple of audio and gallery features as well as number 10’s offical Twitter feed.

Nice to see Gordon's got one eye on the ball, a shame it's the glass one though.

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