Now watch videos and hear music in your e-books

Books are back! Haven't you heard? Yes, they've been losing ground to blogs, YouTube and Facebook, but now books are making a digital resurgence. Now there are e-books! You read them on something called a Kindle, or the Kindle app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

But books are boring, aren't they? All those words! If you can have a book on a screen, why not include some music? If you can include pictures, why not make them move?

Well, now you can. Following the release of Apple's 'iBooks' app, which features e-books that allow embedded video and audio, Amazon - the world's biggest retailer of e-books - has announced its own books will also be able to include films, music and audio tracks for use on the Kindle app for the iPhone and its iOS cousins.

It looks like trawling through Jordan's autobiography on the tube could quickly become more exciting, with every on-camera meltdown embedded for your delight right there on the page.

There's just one catch: customers who actually paid hundreds of pounds for a Kindle device - instead of just installing a free iOS app - don't get the new functionality, because the devices' high-tech 'e-ink' screens can't play video. Oh dear.

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