Now this is portable gaming

We've fallen in love with a new portable console that's been shown off this week at the E3 conference. And it's not the PS Vita. It's the SupaBoy.

The what now? Made by well-known gaming conglomerate Hyperkin, the SupaBoy is a portable SNES. Yes, properly portable, with a built-in screen and controls. It's about the size of the Atari Lynx, if you're old enough to remember that, with a full-size SNES cartridge slot in the top. It seems to run the games perfectly on its little 3.5-inch screen. And we want one.

Hyperkin reckon they're a good six months away from actually releasing the thing, which is a crying shame, as we want it now. Oh well: in the meantime we can always dig out our old Sega Game Gear. 3DS? What's that?

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