Now Ear This

The Xbox 360 has been around for five years now. It's been repackaged, discounted, and released in multiple colours. How else do you keep making money from a five-year-old console?

Simple: you churn out lots of new peripherals. First it was the ultra-high-selling - but short-lived in terms of excitement - Kinect. Then it was the new controller, with its patented weird twist-out keypad thingy.

What's left to upgrade? Well, this might smack of barrel-scraping, but: the headset. Yes, those of you who use the special Microsoft-branded headset to talk strategy with your alien-shooting pals will be pleased to know there's a brand new version of your most pointless peripheral to be had. It'll be out in November, and there's a new remote to go with it.

According to Microsoft, the new headset 'takes communications to the next level with a sleek appearance that evokes the Xbox 360 console design, noise cancellation and Bluetooth 3.0 technology.' Of those, we reckon it's the new design that will actually drive sales, as recent Xbox buyers with the new design upgrade to get a matching peripheral. We know that sounds ridiculous, but believe me, someone will do it. Especially as the new headset is expected to be a reasonable £40 or so when it's released in November.

Rumours that the chat keyboard is next to be upgraded are, so far, unconfirmed.

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