Now Apple haters get their equivalent of the iPod Touch

It's been a tough time to be an Apple hater. The worlds of mp3 players, smartphones and tablet computers have all been revolutionised by the cult-like company in the last few years. Those determined not to buy their stuff have had to make do with pale imitations.

Now things are starting to turn round, in large part because of Google's Android operating system. Android smartphones are now just as good as, maybe better than, the iPhone; a slew of Android tablets are on the way; and now, we're seeing the first Android competitor to the iPod Touch.

The Samsung Galaxy Player - all Samsung's Android products are called 'Galaxy', for some reason - looks like it might give Apple's product a run for its money, with a 1GHz processor and a 3MP camera.

On the other hand, the iPod touch is widely expected to be upgraded in September to a 5MP camera, so Apple haters might want to hold out a bit longer...

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