The best Novelty USB Memory Sticks around

USB memory sticks are fast becoming popular for people who want to carry large amounts of information with them securely in one handy place. However, with the cost of USB sticks crashing people are finally starting to have some fun with their portable memory storage.

We will take a quick look at some of the best options out there and some of the worst offenders too.

With a variety of shapes and sizes available there is quite literally a plethora of choices out there but we tend to fancy the USB drives that pretend to be something else only to open up, come apart or transform into a USB drive.

Harking back to the origins of the USB technology which was orginally marketed as a "Thumb Drive" there is of course now a USB drive which is shaped like a thumb. This little gadget neatly fits into the side of your computer or laptop and makes it appear to sprouting the first few centimetres of a hand. At first this Novelty USB Memory Stick can be quite off- putting but MANY will find it hilarious.

For the fashionistas in the audience there is, of course, the handbag style novelty USB Memory stick, miniature copies of designer handbags from top names. A must have for any style enthusiast who loves handbags.

For the inner child in all of us there is of course the Lego USB brick which looks exactly like a Lego brick of old. In fact so much so that it can be used to build cars, spaceships and castles just like times gone by before being plugged into your computer and downloading the latest chart topping tunes, ready for you to carry on the go. A lovely little novelty and one for everyone who remembers Lego bricks from their childhood.

Another throw back to the origins of USB technology is the rather stylish and cool looking USB key drives. Sleek, smooth and made from gun metal these keys only look different where there USB connections exist, housing gold tipped quality high-speed USB 2 connections. Perfect on a key ring with house and car keys its a stylish solution to prevent loss of loose drives in busy pockets.

Finally our favourite novelty USB memory sticks have to be the movie tie USB like the Transformer or Terminator USB drives that are shaped like miniature versions of the eponymous characters from the films. Housing a high quality USB drive hidden deep in the model the drive comes complete with a pre-loading HD version of the corresponding film.

We suggest any of the above but steer clear of the cheaper drives as they not only tend to be quite poor quality but also have less reliable technology and after all the novelty USB memory sticks must store data!

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