Guide to Notebook Laptops

Notebook laptops are smaller than the average laptop and cheap laptops in some cases. Although there are a variety of notebook laptops on the market they can be split into two main categories: budget notebook laptops, alternative to desktop PCs and ultra notebook laptops.


Budget Notebook Laptops

Budget notebooks are smaller than normal laptops, with screens from as little as 10 inches. These are ideal for families looking for an additional computer in the home, students or anyone looking for a smaller laptop to carry with them for ease of use. With budget laptops you should expect a hard drive capacity of around 20GB and a memory capacity of 256 - 512MB of RAM. Most budget laptops will have wireless internet to connect anywhere to a modem or router, basic software utilities, such as Microsoft Office and a few USB ports. The average price range for budget notebook laptops are around £250 to £400.


Desktop Alternatives

If you're looking to clear up space, but still need a laptop that performs like a desktop PC, then a desktop alternative notebook is ideal for you. These laptops are larger than budget notebooks or ultra notebooks, with wide screens of up to 17 inches. Normal hard drive capacity for desktop alternative notebooks are around 60GB and 512 to 1024MB of RAM memory, as well as DVD-RW drives and a fairly advanced graphics card compared to budget or ultra notebook laptops. You should expect to pay an average of £350 to £850 for a desktop alternative notebook.


Ultra Notebooks

Ultra notebooks are certainly not cheap laptop alternatives but are incredibly powerful for their size and weight. Ultra laptops are designed to be ultra portable; lightweight, small laptops with powerful processors, the memory and hard drive capacity of an ultra laptop will depend on how much it costs. Unlike desktop alternatives and budget notebook laptops, ultra notebooks have optimum battery life, often above 5 hours or more depending on the model you choose. You can expect to pay anything between £400 to £2500 for ultra notebook laptops. The performance, of course, will vary depending on how cheap the laptops are.

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