Note to self: don’t abuse president by email

When Bedfordshire teenager Luke Angel watched a TV documentary about 9/11, it made him angry. Angry. To be precise, at the USA, and particularly president Barack Obama.

So, being an impulsive teen (and, he says, drunk), he fired off an angry, rude word-laden email to Obama’s public email address. We couldn’t possibly repeat what he called Obama here, but let’s just say it started with ‘p’ and ended with the first name of a certain famous Scottish 80’s singer popular on YouTube.

Big deal, you might think. Who reads emails to Obama’s public address? Some poor intern? Well, the FBI, as it turns out. They read it and ordered the Bedfordshire police to go round to Angel’s home, take his picture, and tell him he’s banned – forever – from visiting the US.

Luke says he’s not that bothered, but his parents are furious.

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