Not worth waiting for

Oh dear. With the great long-delayed opuses of popular culture, sometimes you get something that justifies the delay - like Avatar. But more often than not you get something which is scarred by its painful development, like Guns 'N' Roses' Chinese Democracy, or just bloated and boring with the magic gone, like the Stone Roses' The Second Coming.

After 14 years of delay, Duke Nukem Forever - the most delayed video game of all time, the 'king of vapourware' - was always at risk of falling into the Chinese Democracy category. And, lo and behold, it seems it has.

CrunchGear has helpfully summarised the various reviews, and they're pretty scathing. The game's comic references are 'out-of-date - even growing moldy,' apparently, and the gameplay is marred by 'laggy aiming, dumb-as-doornails enemies, weak level design and even weaker presentation.' One reviewer goes as far as to say 'Duke's long-awaited comeback has turned him from genre innovator to wheezing has-been.'

The game even has the dubious honour of being the first thing ever to have recorded a 0/100 review on the site Metacritic, the site having converted 1UP magazine's 'F' to a 0.

We haven't played Duke yet, so we can't say for certain if all the bile is warranted. But we wouldn't rush out to spend upwards of £50 on it just yet.

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