Not taxing

Now, we at DigitalEdge would never get involved in anything as sly as political propaganda (except to say DON’T VOTE TORY, of course), but if you are a concerned video games developer, wondering whether your career might be better served by moving across the pond, you might be pleased to know that the Liberal Democrats support the idea of tax relief for the video games industry. That is of course what you’re concerned about, isn’t it? Not how many quavers you can ram down your mouth during your GTA session.

‘Liberal Democrats support the introduction of a Games Tax Relief,’ said Don Foster, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. ‘Following consultation on the details, we would implement the Relief as soon as possible.’ Of course, this is a little bit after the Lord Mayor’s show, seeing as Chancellor Alistair Darling had already made that commitment, but at least you can hope for a Lab-Lib coalition come next week.

Trade Body TIGA, who estimate that the games development sector in the UK has fallen by 44 studios since 2008, and as a result has become increasingly worried about a ‘brain drain’ or our top talent going Stateside.

‘TIGA welcomes the Liberal Democrats’ commitment to support Games Tax Relief and to enact this tax measure as quickly as possible. There is a growing cross party consensus that Games Tax Relief is good for the UK development sector, good for the UK games industry, and good for the UK economy.’

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