Not so much tablet as tabletop

Well, blimey. This would certainly look good on your coffee table. A senior bod in marketing at Chinese PC-maker Lenovo - the guys who took over IBM's PC business a few years back - says the company is planning to release a 23-inch tablet later this year.

That's bigger than our TV.

The company already makes 23in all-in-one touchscreen PCs, so we can see where the idea came from - more than likely, such a device would come with a removable stand so it sits with a keyboard and mouse as your computer until you pick it up and walk off. Possibly with the help of a strong friend.

'A 23-inch tablet would be a tough sell on its own, but there might be a market for an all-in-one computer where you can move the screen to the kitchen or living room for an hour,' says CrunchGear, and we kinda agree.

Sounds kinda great to us. What do you think?

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