Not one, but two new iPhones?

Ah, the iPhone 5 saga rolls on. Will Apple's next iPhone be a simple upgrade, a '4S'? Or will it be a redesign, a true 'iPhone 5'? There's evidence on both sides, but here's a thought: what if Apple make both?

That's the latest rumour, stemming from comments by an investment bank analyst. He predicts that Apple is going to release a full, redesigned upgrade to the iPhone in September, dubbed the iPhone 5. But he reckons that, as the traditional 'one more thing,' Apple will also release a new version of the iPhone 4. It would be more powerful, but also cheaper, and intended for lower-spending customers who want a pre-paid mobile phone.

'With Nokia and RIM struggling, the time is right for Apple to aggressively penetrate the midrange smartphone market,' the analyst, Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank, reckons.

Our take? It's certainly possible. But don't forget that Apple already has a budget iPhone: the 3GS. When the iPhone 5 is revealed, the iPhone 4 is already ready to take the position of the cheaper model in the line-up. Can Apple really soup up the specs of the 4, making it a 4S, and make it cheaper at the same time? We'll find out in September, and until then, the rumours will just keep flying.

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