Not much longer now

Right, so the game ships in exactly a week’s time, and we’ve been pummelling you with content from it for the best part of half a year, so if you’re not already pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption there truly is no (tee hee!) redeeming you. If, however, you are like the rest of the gaming world literally gagging to get your grubby little mitts on what looks to be a bona fide open world classic, and thinking up reasons not to see your girlfriend in the process, then why not test your resolve with the OFFICIAL launch trailer, which is all dramatic and that?

On top of that, we bring news that the latest review of the game – in the Official Playstation Magazine – has give the wild-west-‘em-up full marks; yes, that’s 10/10. Well now, isn’t that very interesting indeed? Yes it is.

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