A review of Norton antivirus 2013

What makes a great antivirus tool apart from keeping your computer free of viruses and worms? Detecting and removing root kits for faster and secure web browsing. Symantec's Norton antivirus 2013 seems to have this capability ranking high in the reviews of current antivirus utilities offered in a highly competitive market.


The Norton antivirus 2013 is great in malware detection and removal. Malicious threats in the form of viruses, Trojans, worms, ad ware or spy ware to disrupt the function of a computer are quickly detected with an impressive score of 89% (PC Mag).

Its main strength however, is its amazing capability to detect root kit technology hidden in the computer. Norton antivirus was able to spot programmes that use root kit with an impressive accuracy of 100%.

Other plus features of the Norton antivirus are easy installation (software works in a few minutes) and quick updates and upgrades without the need to reboot the system for them to take effect.

You can even scan your favourite social network’s wall for intrusive or malicious behaviour. And of course, it can run a quick scan in 2 minutes with custom or full scan in over an hour. Norton Power Eraser also lets you follow up on threats, if you are not convinced they are completely removed.

The software integrates seamlessly in your computer; you won’t notice it running in the background while doing your stuff.


CNET Labs found that start up times are slower compared to existing benchmark studies by about 30-40 seconds; scan times and shut down times are on average. Malware removal is satisfactory, although it is just average compared to other leading antivirus software.

Buying or upgrading

Norton antivirus has improved considerably over the years in order to keep up with changes in a very competitive antivirus field. While there are significant improvements in next year’s version of the software, it’s also not a bad decision to stick to your older subscriptions since you can easily upgrade to Norton antivirus 2013.

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