Nokia: what will be?

Well, well, well. Last week Nokia showed off its new phone - a beautiful slab of brightly-coloured plastic running quick, clever new smartphone software. But the coverage of the phone, the N9, ranged from the annoyed to the bewildered. Not because the phone was no good, but because it was so good. You see, the N9 is Nokia's first - and likely last - smartphone running its MeeGo operating system. The Finnish phone giant has junked the software in favour of Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, making the N9 the sole carrier of the MeeGo flame. And so, when reviewers found MeeGo to be pretty nice, they expressed their confusion as to why Nokia was getting rid of it.

Of course, the last think Nokia wants is everyone talking about the software they're abandoning, rather than the new system they're adopting. So we suspect they're not totally horrified at the fact that a video leaked yesterday showing CEO Stephen Elop demonstrating what seems to be Nokia's first Windows Phone handset, nicknamed 'Sea Ray'.

The video above doesn't show the software running, but if you peruse the full-length video over at Engadget you'll see it in all its Windows-y glory (skip to about 2 minutes in).

We're not suggesting this is one of those 'controlled leaks' companies let happen every now and then - if Nokia wanted to show off its new phones, it seems unlikely it would leak a video that consists largely of Stephen Elop begging attendees to not record his words. We also suspect they'd have leaked it to Engadget or the Wall Street Journal, rather than the obscure Hungarian site Technet.hu.

Still, we can't help but think Nokia might be relieved to have everyone talking about what will be - rather than what might have been. Elop has been making optimistic noises about how quickly Nokia can start releasing Windows Phones, too, so you might just be able to see for yourself this side of Christmas.

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