Nokia unveils the 'iPhone killer' the Nokia Tube

The attack of the clones continues. Last week Samsung released details of its 'iPhone killer', the 3G Instinct; this week it's Nokia's turn to unveil it's response to Apple's handset, the Nokia Tube.

Stone the crows, wouldn't you know it, the Nokia Tube will feature a touch interface similar to the iPhone. It will also support Java, one thing the iPhone doesn't. But there is still no information on pricing or availability.

Nokia seem to be confident of their ability to challenge the iPhone. Last week Nokia's director of marketing, Tom Libretto, claimed that while Apple had sold around 4 million iPhones since the product's launch, Nokia had "done that [volume] since dinner on Friday." That's all well and good, but you can't really compare the £50 Nokia phone market to the iPhone market.

While competition is always good for consumers the big difference between the iPhone and its challengers to the throne is that Apple's product is not just a prototype. It remains to be seen if Samsung and Nokia can really offer anything in terms of functionality, availability and pricing that Apple haven't already brought to the table.

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