Nokia shows iPhone how touchscreen should be done

Nokia has previewed its new S60 phone at the Symbian Smartphone Show in London, and it looks like it might be able to teach the iPhone a few tricks when it comes to touch-screen technology. For a start, it gives you the option of using a stylus, which can help overcome fat-finger syndrome when you’re using the screen for precise commands.

“Enough of that, tell us about haptic feedback!” you rightly cry. Briefly, the S60 does it – meaning, as if you didn’t know, that the user gets touch-based feedback to their actions; the phone “touches back”, rather like, ooh, say, a button. It’s something the iPhone has been criticised for lacking; when everything is on a touch screen, how do you use it in your pocket?

Apple’s put so much into the iPhone that it would be a surprise if they weren’t already working on improving the touch-screen. But Nokia’s announcement is a reminder that when Apple entered the mobile phone market it took on some pretty formidable competition.

(Image: from YouTube

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