Some Nokia n95 Bluetooth accessories to choose from!

If we are to be truthful there really aren't that many Nokia n95 Bluetooth accessories to choose from, there really aren't that many Bluetooth accessories in general. While there are lots of cool Bluetooth gadgets around they are really meant for computers. Talking heads sets and hands free car kits are standard.

While they might not be the most exciting pieces of Bluetooth kit, they are still very cool and are becoming more and more of a necessity. When it comes to driving it is illegal to be on the mobile unless you have stopped your car and pulled over to the side of the road, you can however, take a call if you have a hands free kit.

If you are looking for a hands free kit for your car then you should check out the MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone with Digital FM Transmitter. This is a fantastic device that simply clips onto your visor. It is out of the way and allows you to take hands free calls. It will play the voice over the speaker and the person on the other end will hear you clearly thanks to the noise, echo and loudness reduction that's built in.

If you are a cyclist then you may want to look into BlueParrott Roadwarrior Headset Charger. This is basically a set of headphones, perfect for when you can't get to your phone to answer it. Cyclists have an awful habit of missing phone calls and that is because they can't get to the phone while on the go. This solves that problem.

Last but not least there is the Plantronics Explorer 370 headset for outdoors use. This is one of those single Bluetooth earpieces that you always see businessmen with coffee using. They clearly have no time to quickly take the call and like to ensure that everyone knows what the conversation is about. If you want to be a real businessman then you need a Bluetooth earpiece.

All of these accessories are made to work with Nokia N95 so check them out!

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