We find the best deals on Nokia N8 for sale phones

If you've been holding back on getting yourself one of those much publicised smartphones because you were afraid they cost too much, or you weren't familiar with the new manufacturers who seem to be taking over the market, then we might be able to convince you to take the plunge at last.

Nokia has long since been one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile phones in the United Kingdom, and their brand carries a real sense of quality and reliability. Since mobile phones started to become popular among regular folk back in the 1990s, Nokia has always been at the forefront of the scene, merging innovation with affordability.

The market has changed quite a bit in the last few years thanks to the emergence of Apple and their popular iPhone, as well as HTC who seem to have become a super power in the phone game almost overnight. This hasn't stopped Nokia from continuing to forge ahead in bringing us the very best phones money can buy though.

Despite the fact that their reputation has taken something of a knock in recent times due to their refusal to adopt the Android system, they are really back on form with the gorgeous Nokia N8.

Featuring a 12 megapixel camera, 3.5 inch touch screen display and built in support for all your email, Facebook and Twitter needs, you'll be over the moon with what this camera has to offer. Pitched as an entertainment device as much as a phone, the N8 also features multimedia support for all the most popular formats, and with 16GB of internal memory you'll have a hard time trying to fill it all up.

For the very best Nokia N8 for sale phones, we recommend you check out The Carphone Warehouse who have the phone for prices starting at £20 per month on a contract and £429.95 with a Pay As You Go deal.

If you'd rather go direct to the source, you can get make savings of almost £100 by buying straight from shop.nokia.co.uk with their £339 offer for the N8 on Pay As You Go, in a range of striking colours.

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