A Review of the Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920, the smartphone developed by Nokia was first available to the public last November 2, 2012. Powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core and an IPS TFT LCD display, the phone is touted as the biggest and most beautiful phone of Nokia. It even supports inductive charging and comes with a 32GB internal storage.

What the critics are saying

The plus points

  • Design

No doubt, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a beautiful phone, available in attractive colours. It is encased in a ‘one-piece polycarbonate body’.

  • Screen

The phone features a 4.5'' screen with photos and videos displayed using PureMotion HD. Its touch screen is so responsive and sensitive you can even use it with your gloves on, a first in the smartphone industry.

  • PureView Camera

Nokia’s flagship smartphone is fitted with a Carl Zeiss lens producing crystal clear photos and videos courtesy of its Optical Image Stabilisation. It has an impressive 8.7MP resolution.

  • Price

Suffice to say, the price of the Lumia is very competitive and cheaper than most smartphones in the same range.

  • Free apps

Nokia Music, Nokia Drive and Local Scout are great apps and they’re free. Nokia Music allows the user to download free music while Nokia Drive is the built-in SatNav system that gives a step by step direction which you can either use with pre-loaded maps or 4G connectivity. Another great app is Local Scout where the phone detects your location and recommends places or things to do. Click on the suggestions and it will yield the address, phone number and you can go to the place immediately with the help of Nokia Drive.

Hiccups and undesirable features

  • Weight

It weighs 185g or 6.5 oz. For many, this is already heavy compared to the iPhone 5 at 112g or the Samsung Galaxy at 133g.

  • Bulky

Yes, the new Nokia is big, measuring 130.3 mm in height, 10.7mm in width, and a depth of 10.7mm.

  • OS issues

There were reports of instability in the camera resulting to less than perfect pics and videos.

  • Battery life

Users complain of serious battery life issues even when the phone is supposed to yield 10.8 hours of talk time, 460 hours on standby and 74 hours of music playback time.

  • Limited apps

Compared to Apple or Android-based phones, Nokia’s app store is limited, but it’s getting there.

Response to the issues

Web magazine, Engadget, says that a firmware is available for stability issues besetting the Nokia Lumia 920. PR 1.1 firmware will be available this month and includes an update to Windows 8, the phone's operating system. It will also include the ability to decline SMS via calls and improve web browsing capability. What do you think? Are these updates sufficient to sway you to the Nokia camp?

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