Nokia launches new smartphones

With all the sugar-coated chit-chat we get from Apple sycophants (on the payroll or not), you’d think that every man and his dog by now would own an iPhone. Wrong: less than the population of the US has one; Nokia on the other hand sells 260,000 smartphones every single day. Of course, most of them are freebie-bricks with a cheap contract - nothing to rival a geniune smartphone. But that could all be about to change.

At the Nokia World Conference in London, three spanking brand new Nokia smartphones have been unveiled, and at first peek they look to be the best mobile PCs released yet.

The highlight is the Nokia C7; 3.5 inch HD (640 x 360 pixels) HD OLED screen, pop-up Quert keyboard and only 10.5mm thin. There’s 8GB storage with the standard additional SD option, 8MP camera with LED flash, HD video recording and video calling, an FM radio AND all for the lowly sum of £290.

Basically, in early side-by-side tests with the iPhone 4 the geeks are saying that the new Nokia C7 wins hand(sets) down.

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