Nokia launches “green” phone

Nokia has announced a new phone aimed at the guilt-ridden eco-consumer. The Nokia 3110 Evolve, launched at this week’s Nokia World show in Amsterdam, replaces some components with plant-based plastics, and its charger is designed to be more energy efficient.

They’ve been gently ticked off in a recent Greenpeace report, but Nokia’s focus on the charger suggests they’re actually thinking about environmental problems, as well as trying to gain some green credentials.

Random eco-fact alert: something like 95 per cent of the energy consumed by a mobile phone over its lifetime is used by leaving the charger switched on when there’s no phone plugged into it. Know how a switched-on charger is always warm? It’s basically a very inefficient, expensive way of heating your house…

On the other hand Nokia has chosen a pretty basic model to ecofit – the 3110 is an entry-level phone, even if these days that does mean an FM radio, MP3 player and 1.3 megapixel camera.

We think we’ll need a few more features before we switch to greener chat – how about you?

(Image: from ndanger's flickr stream)

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