A guide to Nokia headphones

The Nokia WH-600 Stereo headset is compatible with most Nokia phones. It provides a comfortable fit with stereo sound and dedicated buttons for both volume control and answering and ending calls. It also mutes when a call comes through, making it ideal for use with your Nokia. You can buy these Nokia headphones from amazon.co.uk for around £30, and they are probably the best budget headphones Nokia sell.

The BH-504 is a good mid range pair of headphones, they're wireless and offer slightly better sound quality than the WH-600's, but otherwise are much the same.

Two great pairs of top end Nokia headphones are the BH-905 and the BH-905i Bluetooth stereo headsets. These are both available from Nokia stores, while the standard BH-905 can also be bought from amazon.co.uk, and both can be viewed in detail online at nokia.co.uk. They are very similar to one another, both featuring wireless Bluetooth connectivity, multifunction buttons for powering on and off, answering and ending calls and voice dialling and re-dialling. They also have controls to boost the bass, widen the stereo sound, turn the volume up or down, play or pause and go to the next or previous track. Additionally they both feature noise cancelling technology. They use a standard 3.5mm connection, making them compatible with most phones and music players, and claim to offer up to 25 hours of music on a single charge. The BH-905i is the marginally lighter of the two, and comes in white, while the standard BH-905 comes in black, but aside from these minor differences they are almost identical.

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