Nokia buys UK software company Symbian

Nokia has taken over British software company Symbian in an attempt to fight off the challenge from Apple and Google in the smartphone market. The Finnish company paid €264m (£209m) to secure control of the company it helped to create ten years ago.

Symbian produce smartphone software which allows users to access the internet and play media files on their handsets. According to The Guardian the UK based company currently controls 60% of the smartphone market, with its operating system being used on a staggering 200m phones worldwide.

But with Apple set to release a cut price iPhone and Google to enter the smartphone market with its Android operating system, Nokia has decided to embrace the idea of open source technology by making Symbian's operating system free of charge.

The Finnish mobile phone giant is hoping that the Symbian operating system will be embraced by the leading application developers, thus cementing the position of Nokia handsets as the most popular smartphones amongst phone companies and consumers alike.

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