Nokia Bluetooth Headset Functions

Nokia is one of the largest mobile phone and accessories provider in the world. Bluetooth technology allows devices to exchange data wirelessly. The nokia bluetooth headset is one device that allows users to speak and hear through a headset earpiece without putting the mobile phone to your face. Using Bluetooth headsets allow mobile phone users to safely drive and talk on the phone, freeing up both hands on the steering wheel. Also, users can enjoy activities such as jogging, playing pool and communicate on their phone at the same time.


The nokia bluetooth headset comes in a plastic case. The headset is 2 inches and features a soft rubber plastic loop that fits around the ear. The headset also includes a volume dial, power button and a port to charge the headset. Nokia headsets are not interchangeable between other brands ofphones. Only Nokia mobile phone owners can use nokia bluetooth headsets.

Pairing Functions

The Bluetooth headsets do not just work right out of the box. The headsets have to be synced up to your mobile device in order for it to work. This is a process called pairing. When configuring the headset to your mobile phone, make sure both the headset and mobile phone is turned on. Users must push in the power button on the headset and hold for 10 seconds. The headset will connect automatically to the mobile phone. Next, set a unique code using the mobile phone keypad so that the headset device is unique to the phone.

Audio Quality

The call quality when using a bluetooth headset may be less than when using the actual phone. Call quality is reduced when the headset battery is low. Voice is transmitted from the users' mouth to the audio sensors of the headset. Audio quality is best when users limit background noise within their surroundings.


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