Give yourself a hand: No hands talking with the Nokia 5800 Bluetooth headset.

Let's be honest. It's not only dangerous, but illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving. That's where the nokia 5800 Bluetooth headset comes in. This tiny device offers a highly discreet alternative to wearing out your arm muscles with a phone pressed to your ear.

Nokia's 5800 Bluetooth headset has effortlessly combined style, quality, comfort and functionality in such a small product. It is so unobtrusive that you might even forget it's attached to you, that is until you receive your first call on it.

The technology is acutely designed to minimize contact with your mobile phone. It has support for Hands - Free Profile and Headset Profile. Nokia have honed their accessories over the years as market leaders in the industry. The 5800 Bluetooth headset boasts an awesome spec.

The piece charges by USB connection. It charges fully in 3 hours and provides 5-6 hours talk time and no less than 100 hours in standby. Essentially, what we are looking for is a headset that delivers quality and clarity of sound, with a reliable and simplistic control that subtly compliments the mobile phone that it represents. The Nokia 5800 Bluetooth headset does exactly what it claims to do.

The nokia 5800 bluetooth headset showcases beautifully simple technology in a user friendly interface.

If your concern is safety and style or you're too busy to be fiddling with a handheld phone then get out and buy one of these 5800 Bluetooth headsets. Nokia continue to strip back the obscurity of the mobile world to deliver quality.

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