The Nokia Lumia 520: Specs and price overview

The Nokia Lumia 520 is one of the latest top bargain smartphones available in the market that is simply a joy to use. As the fifth Windows Phone 8 handset from the Finnish phone company, the Lumia 520 does a good job of giving its main competitiors at the bottom end of the market a run for their money, including budget phones like the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 and Motorola Moto G. Here are some key talking points of the Nokia 520 and why it’s a classier, well designed handset than its predecessors.

Display and design

The Nokia Lumia 520 has a sleek, more distinctive look than the Lumia 620, which is slightly surprising because it is supposed to be the more basic option. Moreover, the Lumia 520 has a slimmer, lighter body than the Lumia 620 at just 9.9mm and 124g. It is also longer and wider than the Lumia 620 at 119.9x64mm, which means the Nokia 520 also has a slightly bigger screen. The Lumia 520 has a 4-inch screen similar to the Samsung Duos 2 and renders a resolution of 480X800 pixels. This translates to an impressive 235ppi density for the smartphone.

The Lumia 520's design is also stylish with a sleek rectangular front and a tapered back, giving it a nice bulky but sturdy feel. The plastic casing is almost warm and you will really enjoy holding it in your hand. It gives a firm grip and is not as slippery as it might look. Unlike the Samsung Duos 2, however, the Lumia 520 uses IPS LCD technology, while the Duos 2 uses the more preferred TFT LCD technology.

Hardware and software

For a budget handset, the Lumia 520 boasts quit an impressive array of hardware and software specs. It has a powerfulDual-Core processor that clocks at 1GHz and is powered by a solid 512MB RAM with decent 8GB space, twice the 4GB internal memory size offered by the Samsung Duos 2.In addition, the8GB spaceof the Nokia 520 can be expanded up to 64GB through a MicroSD card. TheLumiais supported by Windows 8 OS, which continues to make strong strides in latest mobile phone technology.

Overall verdict and price

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 520 looks good, is lighter, has a decent screen. It rarely slows down or shutters when in use and is great for making calls, messaging and Internet browsing. However, the Lumia 520 runs on Windows OS, which means you may miss out on some of the latest apps offered on the more popular Android OS.

That said, Windows OS is catching up and the Nokia Lumia 520 is really a superb phone. It is arguably the best entry level Windows handset currently in the market. The Lumia 520 offers great performance and price. You can find monthly pay offers for the phone starting from as low as £8.50 p.m or £68.95 on PAYG.

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