No way man

There’s little more embarrassing than an old rock fuddy duddy telling kids how they don’t understand music, and how the way they did it in their day was better, more real and organic somehow. As young rebels, we should tell these terrible old rockists and their anti-pop agenda to get out of our collective clouds, man.

This includes young fogey Jack White, who has always been a little bit retrograde in his tastes. Just look at his clothes, for instance, it’s as if he wants to time warp himself back into the 70s and join Led Zeppelin. Now he’s telling kids to stop playing video games, the heathen, including party classics Guitar Hero and Rock Band. He must be stopped.

‘They (that's you) need to quit playing video games, throw away their Auto-Tune program and cut three strings off their guitar,’ he croaked. ‘It's depressing to have a label come and tell you that (the game you like) is how kids are learning about music and experiencing music.’

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